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If you are an owner operator or drive for a fleet Fuelbook can help you save money every time you fuel. Fuelbook has helped drivers save on fuel over 9 million times which represents an estimated $3 billion in smart fuel purchases.



FB Live App for Truck Stops

Does your fleet have a 'Fuel Code'?

Fuelbook was founded in 2010 by a dedicated team from the transportation industry that recognized the need to help drivers find a better way to save on fuel. Fuelbook has grown to become a very trusted resource for thousands of drivers and fleets everyday. We believe strongly in building the best in class products and supporting the professional driver community.

We will continue to build and innovate at Fuelbook while maintaining a high level of quality and concern for our customers. Feel comfortable to contact us and learn more about how Fuelbook can help you and your fleet succeed.

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FB Live is a powerful mobile solution built just for Truck Stops and Merchants. Easily promote your location to drivers using the popular Fuelbook driver app. FB Live allows locations to keep fuel prices current, report parking status, list services and create real time specials anytime right from your mobile phone. FB Live is a powerful mobile solution allowing truck stop owners to effectively reach thousands of drivers every day.


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Fuelbook will load your Cost Plus, Retail Less and Better-of discounts and create a simple 4 digit 'fuel code' for your fleet. The drivers download the FREE Fuelbook App, enter the code and start searching fuel pricing based on your fleet's discounts. It is that easy to start saving thousands of dollars on fuel.

Get your custom Fuel Code today!

$99.99 - $299.99

Monthly Flat Rate Service

(Price levels determined by overall Fleet Size)


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