Fuelbook Advertising

Our advertising team can help you market your product or service directly to the Fuelbook driver community of over 200,000 users. Contact us today and learn how Fuelbook's mobile advertising platform can help you increase sales.

Fuelbook driver community respresents a significant consumer base and opportunity. (Industry estimates used)

  • $450 million in tires purchased annually
  • $2.4 billion in annual fuel purchasing
  • 25,000 trucks purchased annually = $3 billion
  • 400,000 Oil Changes @ $200 = $80 million
  • 5 Meals a week @ $15 per meal = $390 million
  • 12 billion miles traveled annually @ 120k miles

Banner Images, Full Screen Views, Web Page links, Dynamic Surveys, Custom Geo-Zones, Analytics, Flexibile Content.

Contact us to discuss a program that fits your needs and advertising budget.



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